Friday, August 14, 2009

My Big Boy!

Well, Jackson is officially a BIG BOY! We moved him into his new room (that is still unfinished) a few weeks ago and he has done pretty good besides a few escapes. We were forced to do this because one morning I went to get him up and he was holding one of his crib spindles and said "I broke my crib, mommy". So, we scrambled and got his room ( mainly his bed) ready so he could go ahead and sleep in there. Of course, the other day I did wake up to find him playing in the hallway, having climbed over the baby gate. There is just no keeping him in! So we must close the door now and watch him on the video monitor as he creeps out of bed watching the door closely to see if we come in! It is so funny!!!! Andy and I have had a couple of good laughs watching him! Enjoy the pictures!